Experts in sugar beet sampling and measuring

Venema offers installations that take samples of sugar beets and measure their sugar contents.

After a company restart in 2021, the focus lies on delivering machines to analyze the quality of sugar (beets). But what does this mean exactly? Venema provides a Rupro sampling installation, a Tar house and a laboratory. These installations take a sample from a shipment of sugar beets and prepare these for analysis in the Venema laboratory.

Sawing machine

The sawing machine turns a net sample into sugar brei for further processing and analysis. The amount of sugar brei should be 10% of the total net sample, around 500 grams. The sawing machine is equipped with a blade of 250mm and 200 saw teeth. The sawing blade is large enough to saw into the core of large beets. A specific amount power and rotational velocity make sure the machine produces a pulp with the right consistency for proper dissolving in the Venema mixing installation. By simplifying the conventional design the new sawing machine is much easier to maintain. Modified designs for customer specific applications are also possible.

The sawing machine is available in a stand alone unit and as a duplo unit.


The Vacdos consists of a scale with a dosing valve. A clarification fluid is added to the sugar brei in the scale. The Vacdos is able to dose the desired target weight with an accuracy of ± 0,02 grams. For reference: a deviation of 0,1 grams in the amount of fluid results in a deviation of around 0,01°Z at the Polarimeter. The Vacdos is available as a tabletop model or it can be integrated in a mixing installation after the Vabman. An automatic system means fewer errors are made. The Vacdos operates with a calibrated scale. The new design has been upgraded over the old model. It has been fitted with an HMI screen and ProfiNet connection, which means it can be connected to the factory network.

The vacdos is available in a stand alone unit and a intrated unit.


A flame photometer is able to measure Potassium and Sodium contents of a sample. These are extractability factors which are indicators of how well the extracted beet sugar can be converted to crystal sugar. The flame photometer is part of the analyzer. To improve the analysis, a lithium solution is mixed with the sample. To this end, the analyzer is fitted with a dosing pump. The analyzer can be automatically filled with a sample from the Vafsys. Furthermore, a sample can be manually inserted by using the funnel fitted on the front side of the analyzer.

The analyzer is fitted with a HMI screen and a PLC system. This means it can be connected to the factory network through ProfiNet. Trends will be shown and an alarm log will be kept by the HMI. A modem is integrated within the analyzer which enables Venema to provide service. The analyzer uses natural gas and propane gas.


The Boilerguard is an automatic guarding system for the steam boiler. The Boilerguard is developed to detect harmful substances in the returning water flow inside boilers. This water may contain traces of sugar (Potassium or Sodium) that could cause serious damage to the boiler. The boilerguard is suited for industrial branches in which boiler water or condensate flows should be monitored, like the sugar or milk industry. By fitting a Boilerguard system, damage and therefore costly repairs can be prevented.

The Boilerguard is fitted with an HMI screen and a PLC system. This means it can be connected to the factory network through ProfiNet. Trends will be shown and an alarm log will be kept by the HMI. A modem is integrated within the Boilerguard which enables Venema to provide service.  The Boilerguard system is suited to monitor up to 6 water flows.



The clarification fluid is produced by the Clarifier and supplied to the Vacdos through the constant water level container. To produce this fluid, the density is measured and corrected by adding demi water. Refilling can be done by adding a concentrate or powder to the container.

Clarification can be done with one of three products, namely: Aluminium sulfate, aluminium chloride or lead acetate. In 90% of cases, clients choose aluminium sulfate.

The Clarifier is fitted with an HMI screen and a PLC system. This means it can be connected to the factory network through ProfiNet. Trends will be shown and an alarm log will be kept by the HMI. A modem is integrated within the Clarifier which enables Venema to provide service.


This stands for the Venema Automation Brei Mixing. There are several pans attached to a chain which will rotate horizontal passing several stations. The first stop is at the sawing machine where the pan will be hold diagonally to the sawing machine, this is necessary to get the maximum amount of “brei” out of the sawing machine.

The second stop is at the mixer. The mixer will come down and mix the “brei” in the pan. When the mixer comes back up it will head into the sink to clean itself. At the third stop there will be taken a sample of 26 gram. At the last top the pan will be upside down onto a scraper and the remaining “brei” will be scraped out.


The Vafsys takes care of a fully automatic filtering and delivers the filtrate to the Analyzer.

The filtering happens with a double base of paper. The choice of paper is important because, there cannot be sugar, potassium or sodium in the paper.
The filter paper will be transported automatically, so there is always a clean piece of paper for the filtration of the next monster. The mix-track beaker will unload on the filter paper. At the bottom of the paper there is a brassel funnel. In here will be a vacuum, so the sample will go through the filter.


On the mix-track there are several beakers which will be filled at the Vacdos. On the beakers there is a nail with a magnet. Under the mix-track there are stirring-motors those will rotate and will steer the mixture inside the beakers. The beakers are on a chain just like on the Vabmix.

Vacdos: The “brei” needs to be resolved in a clarification fluid. This needs to be included within the correct ratio. The Vacdos doses with an accuracy of +/- 0,02 gram of the final weight. The Vacdos is integrated within the mix-track. The Vacdos works with a Mettler Toledo scale. The Vacdos calculates the needed clarity fluid. This will be done by the time the valve will open. This is an adjustable factor.

Power dosing unit: This includes all monsters with 3 grams of celite powder. This is a sort of gravel that assures that the filter paper of the Vafsys stays open.

The Vabmix and the Mix-track are fitted with an HMI screen and a PLC system. This means that both the machines can be connected to the factory network through ProfiNet (in case you are interested, I can sent you a separate budget quotation). Trends will be shown and an alarm log will be kept by the HMI. A modem is integrated, within the Vabmix and the Mix-track which enables Venema to provide service on distance.



The brei from the pan needs to be transferred into a cup for the Vacdos for further processing. Initially, this can be done manually. This manual process is currently facilitated by a semi-automatic brei mixer. To automate this process, we have developed the Vabman.

The Vabman is an X-Y portal system that will be positioned above the brei mixing track. Attached to the Vabman is a scoop, which retrieves the brei from the pan and delivers it to the Vacdos, mounted on the mixing track.

The scoop features a membrane that is activated by a vacuum, allowing it to collect the brei. Additionally, the scoop is equipped with an adjustable stop to vary the amount of brei collected. Once the scoop is full, it will deposit its contents into a cup. The membrane then retracts, leaving the scoop empty.

Currently, the scoop is operated using a "cobot" control system positioned above the pan and cup. As the scoop moves horizontally (in the x-direction) through the pan, it passes by a scraper mechanism to remove any excess quantity of brei.

Watch our Vabmix in action

Spare parts

It is our goal to keep production lines up and running at all times. We are eager to supply required spare parts as soon as possible.

Do you have questions about spare parts? Or about the lead times of the deliveries of specific spare parts? Please contact us! We can also look together with you at the preventive purchase of spare parts for your machine.

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